Can you automate the interface between my website and your fulfillment system?
Yes, We can interface with a large percentage of shopping carts on the market. Our system can upload any file that your shopping cart can output.

What is your shipping cycle?
We commit to shipping all orders within 24 to 48 hrs. Rush orders received before 1:00PM will ship the same day.

Do you have material that you will not handle?
Yes, we reserve the right to decline a product where safety, legality, risk, size, weight, temperature sensitivity and imminent perish ability are a concern.

Some of my product needs to be kitted, assembled or shrink-wrapped?
Tatco E-Commerce provides kitting and assembly services for any product that is accepted and handled in our warehouse. We will bill either at $30.00 an hour or on a per unit basis.

Do you require dock appointments?
Yes, for LTL, TL, and container shipments.

Can you handle Infomercial fulfillment services?
Yes, with a short amount of lead-time we can handle the volume surge from the infomercial.

I ship to retail outlets and wholesalers as well as consumers, can you handle that?
Yes. Tatco E-Commerce ships to individual consumers all the way up to Wal-Mart and everything in between.

What will my order fulfillment cost?
Every customer has different needs and requirements, so pricing is usually customized. In general pricing is on a fixed per carton charge plus a price per each unit picked.

What will my inventory storage cost?
Inventory is calculated by the amount of space a customer needs.

Will you process our returns?
The customer may choose to have returns sent back to it or may have returns sent to our return-processing department. We will sort through the returns and place good inventory back into stock for immediate use.

Can you mange our back order shipping?
If an order contains an out of stock item, the order is marked as backorder and held until the missing merchandise arrives at our fulfillment center. Backordered quantities appear as a negative in our inventory report.

How will I be able to view inventory?
Our on line inventory provides our customers access to their inventory any time as long as they have an internet connection.

How will I know the order status of any order I send you?
Order status can be viewed on line any time as long as you have an internet connection. We also have the ability to connect to your web-site and have your customer view there own order status.

Where is your distribution fulfillment center located?
Our 60,000 SF building is located in Miami FL.

What shipping methods does Tatco E-Commerce provide?
We ship with all the major carriers in the US for truckloads and less than truckload, as well as UPS and USPS.

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