Inventory Integrity

At Tatco Industries we know one of your fundamental requirements is having reliable inventory information. Supply Chain Management performance depends on better inventory integrity and visibility. Inventory is arguably the most expensive asset a company holds and Customer Service is founded on inventory information. That is why we strive to provide you with precise information at all times.

Tatco Industries takes inventory integrity most seriously. We consider maintaining inventory as our primary task and we need to ensure your asset is accurately and properly accounted for.

Having inventory accuracy allows you to:
  • Have financial accountability for inventory
  • Optmimize total inventory levels
  • Avoid obsolete inventory
  • Improve Customer Service
Our inventory accuracy is consistently close to 100% as we get it right first time through integrated layered checks. We rely on a daily cycle count as a way to verify that all inventory transactions are working correctly every day, every time.

A key aspect for inventory integrity and what truly sets us appart from the competition is having highly trained and experienced associates that continuously monitor, regulate and improve or sustain our inventory integrity.