Kitting and Assembly

Some of the items that Tatco Industries receives are not completed products, but rather parts or components that must be assembled by Tatco Industries either into a finished product or combined with other components into a kit or package of some sort.

Tatco Industries fulfillment warehouse approach to the labor-intensive task of collating materials to be distributed for various applications is based on a highly efficient production system that delivers on time with accurate results.

At the foundation of Tatco Industries fulfillment services is our systemized assembly procedure is our order specification sheet. It specifies every component to be included in the kit or finished product, including the packaging and reflects its part number. At the appropriate time to pick the parts for assembly, the order specification sheet functions as the master control to assure accuracy.

While no two kits are alike, at Tatco Industries the common denominator is a thoughtfully organized, tightly-controlled, enthusiastic assembly procedure. After a kit and assembly Tatco Industries has the ability to do distribution, drop ship services or any other logistics that are needed.

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