Returns Processing Services

Returns are an unfortunate, but constant reality for many of our clients distribution, drop ship services or logistics operations. Tatco Industries fulfillment distribution center can help make the most out of this negative through our returns processing services. Returns processing services involves the flow of goods and materials from what would normally be their final destination, the consumer, back through the supply chain to their manufacture or retailer. The ultimate purpose of reverse logistic is to capture value from the returned goods or ensure proper disposal.

Typically, when an item is returned, it needs to be opened and quality control inspected, and the item is then processed according to its condition and the business rules established by our clients. For example, it can be returned to inventory, destroyed, recycled, or sent back to the manufacturer.

Because every client is different, we customize our reverse logistics and returns processing services to client-specific systems and needs. Whether it is part of the normal distribution and fulfillment process or if returns processing services is a stand-alone service, let Tatco Industries be your return processing center.

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